My name is Sarah. I’m a Reiki practitioner, singer and crystal lover. I’m fascinated with the energy of the natural world and I’ve been passionate about all things magical for as far as I can remember.

I believe in the inexplicable, yet undeniable and all-pervading magic of all things – the divine universal force that permeates life in all its manifestations. I believe all in the Universe, the seen and the unseen, originates from the One Source. Everything is energy and everything is inter-connected . Within that Oneness, each and every single one of us holds a very unique essence that is at the core of who we are: the quintessence of our authentic self.

I offer Reiki healing sessions and I work intuitively with crystals to help you own and reveal your magical essence. I create personalized crystal talisman necklaces and lucky charms that I infuse with Reiki and with magical intention. My inner witch is constantly inspiring me to work with Earth energies and to explore my creativity through crafting crystal mists and essences, making my own incense blends, candles, herbal tea blends, and concocting all sorts of lotions and potions.

How are you cultivating magic in your life? Are you owning and honouring your own magic? Enchanted Alchemy also shares tips and inspiration on spiritual and magical living, crystals, energy healing, magical herbalism and aromatherapy.

Enchanted Alchemy is about acknowledging the little miracles of everyday life and to celebrate the intricate elixir of magic that flows through each and every single one of us. Recognize the blessings all around and infuse your life with the vibration of magic. Enchanting is the alchemy of All That Is…

With love,


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