10 Simple Ways To Use Healing Crystals

Crystal healing

If you’re new to the magic of crystals, you’re probably wondering how they work and how you can harness their healing powers. One of the first comments I get in my workshops tends to be “So I have all those lovely crystals but I have absolutely no clue how to use them.”

Quantum physics has revealed that, at the most fundamental level, everything is energy. Everything in the Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. The human body is no exception. Crystals vibrate at their own frequency and can help harmonise our energy and balance us at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. They can absorb, amplify, transform and transmit energy.

Born of Earth’s forces, crystals hold the sacred energy and wisdom of Mother Earth. They emanate powerful healing vibrations that can help balance our energy and empower us to manifest our goals and dreams.

Learn how to unlock their magic and incorporate them in your everyday routine in simple ways:

Place a crystal in your space

Probably one of the easiest ways to enjoy their harmonising vibes is to place them around your home. Keep a clear quartz in your entrance hall to clear anyone who comes in (including yourself) of unwanted energies and leave them at the door. Put a rose quartz on your coffee table to create a loving atmosphere in your living area, an amethyst in the bedroom to bring restful sleep, or an aventurine in the kitchen to encourage healthy eating.

Carry a crystal with you or wear crystal jewelry

Toss one in your purse or pocket and use it as a touchstone. For the ladies, tucking one in your bra allows you to keep its healing vibes working on your energy field all throughout the day (opt for a tumbled stone in that case…). Another way to make the most of your crystal’s healing properties is by wearing it as jewelry. This can mean as a pendant, earrings, bracelet, ring, etc.

Sleep with a crystal

Place it under your pillow, on your bedside table, or sleep with it in your hand to receive guidance in your dreams, or to clear and replenish your energy during the night. Try tourmaline to release the stress of the day, amethyst to balance your aura overnight and enhance dreams, pink calcite to calm anxiety and soothe a heartache.

Meditate with it

Hold a crystal in your hand as you meditate and let it infuse you with its calming vibrations to clear your mind. Tune into its unique frequency and be open to receiving its messages through the images, words or feelings that occur.

Cleanse your aura with a crystal

Comb your aura with a selenite or a clear quartz wand to rid it of any energies accumulated throughout the day that are not serving your highest good. You could also lie down with a piece of selenite on your body and relax for a few minutes as it purifies your energy field and restores it to balance.

Journal with a stone

Hold a crystal in your hand or have it nearby as you put your thoughts down on paper. Journaling is a powerful practice to explore your true self, manage stress and enhance creativity. It can also help you start the day with a positive mindset and set your intentions for the day ahead. Adding a crystal to that process can help you connect with your higher self and channel your thoughts. It can also help you manifest your heart’s desires into reality by amplifying that energy and sending it out into the Universe.

Empower your plants with crystal energy

Our plants can benefit from crystal energy too. Place crystals in your potted plants or next to them to help them grow healthy and strong. I personally love to use moss agate, green aventurine or carnelian. You can also use crystal water to water your plants. Place a tumbled stone in a jar filled with water and leave it on the windowsill to charge with solar energy. You can also place your jar under the light of the full moon to infuse your crystal water with moon energy. Use that high-vibration water to water your plants. Note that some crystals can be damaged by water. Do some research beforehand.

Include gemstones in your beauty routine

Why not supercharging your beauty routine with crystalline energy? Use a rose quartz or jade roller with your moisturiser or serum to reduce puffiness, smooth wrinkles and release tensions. Give yourself a crystal facial by placing a few tumbled aquamarine crystals on your face to relieve tension and relax. Make a crystal beauty essence by letting pure water infuse with rose quartz in the sunlight and use the water to wash your face or add to a spray bottle to mist your face.

Use a crystal to balance a chakra

Lie down and place a crystal on the chakra that needs clearing and balancing. Relax for a few minutes and let the crystal harmonise your energy centre. You can work with colours, by using a crystal of the colour that corresponds to the chakra that needs harmonising (for example tiger’s eye for the solar plexus, garnet for the root chakra, etc.). Some crystals, such as clear quartz and selenite, can be used to clear and balance all chakras.

Make a grid

Crystal grids combine the power of crystals and sacred geometry to amplify your intention and manifest your goals and desires. They are often used for healing and protection, to raise the vibration of a space, to manifest love and abundance, or anything else you need help with. It involves arranging different crystals into a geometric pattern to create an energy field that can help create a shift in energy and bring about the desired change. You can create your own pattern or use a grid template such as a printed cloth or paper, or an engraved wooden board. On top of being a very meditative experience, it’s also fun and creative.

These are just a few ways to weave crystals into your everyday life. Explore and have fun!

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