Crystal Magic

My work with crystals grew from a fascination from early childhood with these little beauties of the mineral kingdom. Something about their vibrant colours and odd shapes would keep me jumping from one shop to the next with eyes wide open in search of new lovelies to add to my ever-increasing collection.

Beyond their much appreciated decorative properties, crystals have the ability to heal, to protect, to manifest and to transform energy. They are powerful teachers that can help you heal every area of your life and support your happiness and well-being. Crystals are alive and have an energy of their own. They can transmit and magnify energies. The simple presence of crystals in your home can create a change in the vibration of the surrounding area.

Crystals are found in a rainbow of colours and myriad shapes all around the world. Their haunting beauty makes them irresistible. Interestingly enough, the crystals you feel drawn to say a lot about you and what is happening in your life at that particular time. Whether it’s the way they feel in your hand, their mesmerizing colours, or even the thoughts they trigger, crystals call to that deep, intuitive part in each of us. They speak in mysterious ways and have messages for us if we’ll only listen.

Now there are infinite ways to work with crystals, but here is how I like to integrate their magic into my practice:

Reiki and crystal layout

One of the many reasons I love to team up with crystals (and yes I say “team up” because crystals are living beings each with their own unique energy) is that they are powerful amplifiers of energy. Nice ways to integrate them into a healing session include laying them out on your chakras to activate the flow of healing energy, or using them to direct the energy to a specific area of the body.

Intuitive crystal reading and counselling

It is widely believed that crystals choose us, not the other way around. If you are instinctively drawn to a particular crystal and wondering if it is the right one for you, trust that it is! In fact, rather than its outward appearance, it is the crystal’s energy vibration and innate healing properties that compel you to choose it. The stones that catch your attention have exactly the guidance and healing you need to work through your issues at this moment in your life. The universe has a way of delivering exactly the right crystal to heal and assist you.

I offer intuitive readings using tarot cards and crystals. You select a few crystals and I channel their messages for you.

Once we have identified the crystal that resonates with you (there can be more than one), I programme it to help you work through a specific issue. Find out how we can even make it into a beautiful talisman necklace so you can enjoy its magic everywhere you go.

I also advise you on how to integrate the magic of crystals into your daily life.

Crystal workshops

Interested to attend one of my small group workshops on how to work with crystal energy? Get more information here.